August 4, 2018


Today I learnt about attributes in XSD files. My udemy course touched them briefly, but alas, the examples I looked up only had attributes within a complexType definition. But what I wanted was one single element that could contain text AND would have an attribute. I tried several ways of grouping elements and attribute tags together, but if anything worked it was an empty element that could contain an attribute. Not quite what I was looking for. Read more

August 2, 2018


I finished my first udemy course. The one on XML. I feel, like I’m having a good overview over that technique now and can apply it to my project. But first of all, breathing through. I also did some FCC exercises, next will be regular expressions which I tried to wrap my head around several times in the past - but haven’t yet. I might need a brake for one or two days, but then it’s back to free coding on my project - and not following any exercises. Read more

July 31, 2018

Hello World

Hello everyone. This blog is supposed to collect some of the insights I gain on my coding journey. I started Free Code Camp’s course around christmas 2017 and recently gained the Responsive Web Design certification. Then I started some programming in Java and enrolled in udemy’s “Complete Java Masterclass” - which I really enjoy. I also enrolled in “XML and XML Schema Definition in Easy Steps”, because I need XML in a project I’m on. Read more

January 1, 0001

on myself I’m tonnerkiller. It’s hard to describe oneself, especially if it’s to be concise and stuff… I like to code. And there is not much more to say. I don’t claim I’m good by any means, I just like it. And I like to share the one or the other thought on it here. Maybe it’s of help for soem of you, that’d be great. If not, well…

© tonnerkiller

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