November 5, 2019

FCC, React-Redux and gitlab pages

I really love FCC. It helped me getting confident with Javascript, HTML and all that, and although I do it slow pace I got to two certifications yet and it’s fun and all… But. Sometimes there are buts. I worked through the React and Redux part of the frontend libraries which was really also nice, but it left me back somehow confused, because trying to start the projects of that section I found out: Read more

September 22, 2019

Cannot Run SSH Askpass

This kept me busy a while tonite, stupid me. I use QT Creator for a little Qt project. And of course I wanted to make use of git to push my changes to gitlab (I hardly use github any more). But I kept getting the following message: error: cannot run ssh-askpass: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden fatal: could not read Username for '': Kein passendes Gerät bzw. keine passende Adresse gefunden The command "/usr/bin/git" terminated with exit code 1. Read more

September 16, 2019


The new old phone I wrecked my phone and took an old one from the deeps of the desk. The old one is a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo and happens to have a LineageOS build now which it didn’t have when I first got the phone. Happy me I thought, so on I went and installed heimdall and adb on my Arch Linux machine. Following the instructions at Lineage’s I first only got to point 4 of Installing a custom recovery using heimdall. Read more

August 7, 2018

Diffmerge on Arch Linux

As I might have mentioned before, I’m doing the “Complete Java Masterclass” by Tim Buchalka on Udemy. In lection 31, diffmerge is introduced, a closed source application to ease the process of reviewing differences in files and folders and to merge them. The stress is on closed source. I use Linux, I install my software from repositories or compile sources. diffmerge is not so well known a program to be added to the repositories of most Linux distributions and certainly is not in the Arch Linux repositories. Read more

August 5, 2018

Hugo & XML parsing

Sometimes fatigue strikes. And sometimes you can’t do what you wanted to. Like yesterday, when I wanted to concentrate on Regex in the FCC curriculum but only could do a hand full of exercises till my eyes fell shut. New try today, but I first looked at my newly created XSD and made some minor improvements, like allowing it to contain no data yet but a name tag and moving an attribute to another tag where it makes more sense… There certainly is a structured way to get these things straight but bear with me, I’m only learning. Read more

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