September 16, 2019


The new old phone

I wrecked my phone and took an old one from the deeps of the desk. The old one is a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo and happens to have a LineageOS build now which it didn’t have when I first got the phone.

Happy me I thought, so on I went and installed heimdall and adb on my Arch Linux machine. Following the instructions at Lineage’s I first only got to point 4 of Installing a custom recovery using heimdall. heimdall wouldn’t properly send the data to the phone, or whatever ERROR: Failed to receive file part response! is supposed to mean.

Lucky as I am, other people had the problem before - and even solved it. All I had to do is find out how I can alter the file in question before it is built.

So usually I would git clone the repo given in the according AUR and then run

makepkg; sudo pacman <packagefile>

to build and install it. But now I need to first only download the sources, which is done by

makepkg -o

Then cd heimdall/src/Heimdall-1.4.2/heimdall/source and edit the file BridgeManager.cpp as described. I also have the chance now to check the PKGBUILD file for any maliciouties. Finally, I build and install with

makepkg -esi

I should not that I needed a while to get to this point, so I also changed to mode of the twrp image to executable as suggested in another comment. If the above didn’t work for you, you might wanna try this.

After that, all went smooth until I got into sideloading. I tried a lot around, sometimes twrp would consider the OS being installed and sometimes not, but it never booted. Guess I gotta wait and hope there’ll be someday a working Lineage build for the G903F…

Till then I won’t be able to phone, so send me Mails ;)

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