August 4, 2018


Today I learnt about attributes in XSD files. My udemy course touched them briefly, but alas, the examples I looked up only had attributes within a complexType definition. But what I wanted was one single element that could contain text AND would have an attribute.

I tried several ways of grouping elements and attribute tags together, but if anything worked it was an empty element that could contain an attribute. Not quite what I was looking for.

Help came like so often from Stack Overflow, you need to use the simpleContent and extension elements, now all is fine…

So now I have a XSD file for the data I need to safe to disk in my project, tomorrow I shall look how I can automatically create from inside Java a xml file from it, fill it with sample values and wait for further input by the user.

After that I’m afraid the GUI will be due for some reworking with the use of FXML…

I dropped FCC for today as it took too long for me to get the XSD straight, so regex has to wait, but I started with Bharath Thippireddy’s course “XSLT, XPATH and XQuery Fundamentals” on udemy and proceeded with the Java Masterclass by Tim Buchalka.

Think that’s enough for a day, more next time.

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